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The Success Story Of London Cleaning Company, Elaine Cleaning Services

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

London cleaning company, Elaine Cleaning Services provides both domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning services in Bromley and surrounding areas. Initially a one woman business, female entrepreneur Elaine Aguiar has quickly grown it to an agency with 16 professional cleaners, serving South London and the Kent borders. Often giving 5-star reviews and glowing reports, Elaine's clients enjoy services such as regular cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and oven cleaning. Small businesses in the area can also benefit from services such as office cleaning, Airbnb cleaning and HMO cleaning.

So let’s hear how Elaine has done it!

Tell us about you and your business

After working in catering for nearly 15 years, my mum was actually the one who motivated me to start my own business. I worked with my mum, we were doing small cleaning jobs in the local area for our neighbours and friends. The only issue was that I was always rushing around and stressed. I was trying to work but also be there to look after my 2 children. My mum saw the pressure I was under and told me, “you should work for yourself, you will manage much better. You can have your family time and create your own routine for work”. So I did. I started up Elaine Cleaning Services.

What size is your business now?

I started out as a self-employed cleaner. Now we are a limited company with 16 staff, including a manager to help me keep everything running smoothly. What was key to growing your business? When I started my business I wanted to find a company that could help me to build my company. I wanted Elaine Cleaning Services to be seen as a trusted cleaning business with a great reputation. I did my research and noticed that Checkatrade was ideal for what I was looking for. I wanted a company with a reputation and trust in the area – Checkatrade was perfect. Checkatrade helped me to gain more clients and be recognised in the area as a good cleaning company.

What is your best piece of advice to other trades looking to grow like you have?

First, you must understand, it’s tough at the beginning starting a business. You almost have to lose at first to then move forward, it’s all part of the journey. My most important piece of advice is to maintain a great reputation in the market. If you do that by providing the best possible service, then you will grow over time. What made you stay with Checkatrade? I trust in the partnership I have with Checkatrade. I know that if I build a good portfolio with a good reputation and happy clients, I will go a long way. I have over 80 reviews on my Checkatrade profile, and most of those reviews show more than 90% were very happy with the services they received.

It's obvious, when you read the glowing client reviews, that Elaine Cleaning Services provides some of the best cleaners in London. One client states "Their attention to detail has been by far the best of any cleaners we have ever used, getting behind all furniture, little cubbyholes that every other cleaner has missed skirting boards, and the list goes on". Elaine offers cleaners in Croydon, Bromley, Sevenoaks, Orpington, Chistlehurst, Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas.

To see the original interview in full, please refer to the copyright owner Checkatrade.

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